Gigantic Eye Of Sauron Cake

Who knew evil could look so freaking delicious? I call dibs on the eye! That’s where all the tastiest bits of evil are. This epic Lord of the Rings cake was whipped up by Cake Central Member Solociachef21.

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Another stunning cake. Good job my copy of OOTP isn’t made of cake, I’d never make it to the end…

(Source : mad-untempered-schism)


A Little Bit On The Portal Side: Every other Portal themed cake may as well just give up and go eat some doo-doo in a place somewhere. This jawnz is straight up beast mode and I’ll probably make my lady make me one. She’s been taking cake decorating classes, so I’m sure she could bang this out in, like, a day or two.

(via knucklestrong)

(Source : doctordiscoo)


chocolate chip cookie dough cake

I feel like I need to save this for some of my followers…

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